Made in the Mist

Brianna Goldie, Goldie's Museum

December 19, 2022 Spark Innovation Canada
Made in the Mist
Brianna Goldie, Goldie's Museum
Show Notes

The incredibly talented owner of Niagara’s newest attraction: “Goldie’s Selfie Museum”, Brianna Goldie, joins our hosts to discuss her impressive accomplishments as an actress & stuntwoman, the need for great support as an entrepreneur and how a medical condition changed the trajectory of her life.

Brianna opened in August 2022 as a selfie studio, and has recently introduced an on-site cafe and bar, fit for Barbie herself. Goldie's Museum recently hosted their grand opening, showcasing the 3000 square-foot venue was created by Brianna Goldie, and features over 25 photo-ops where you can interact with props and take some insta-worthy photos. You can enjoy installations like an oversized ball pit, life-sized angel wings, and giant lollipops, right here, in downtown Niagara Falls.

Time Stamps:

00:00 - 01:05 Intro

01:06 - 04:54 “Who is Brianna?”

04:55 - 17:59 Cheerleader, Photographer, Actress, Stuntwoman

18:00 - 20:51 The Backup Plan / The Hustle

20:52 - 22:10 Brianna’s Credits

22:11 - 28:39 “Goldie’s Selfie Museum”

28:40 - 30:14 Why Niagara Falls?

30:15 -  39:25 Beautification and Diversifying

39:26 -  42:01 ‘Loosening Up’ and Golfing in a Tutu

42:03 - 43:49 What’s Next for Brianna?

43:50 - 46:43 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

46:44 - 49:15 Wrapping Up, Links and Outro