Made in the Mist

Jenn Harper, Cheekbone Beauty

November 30, 2022 Spark Innovation Canada Episode 6
Made in the Mist
Jenn Harper, Cheekbone Beauty
Show Notes

Founder and President of Cheekbone Beauty, one of the top 100 influential entrepreneurs in North America, Jenn Harper, sits down with Emma and Dan to discuss her take on company culture, representation of indigenous people and how Google Analytics played a key role in starting her business.

Jenn dreamed of crafting lip gloss for young Indigenous girls, but Beauty wasn’t an industry she knew much about—her work experience had mostly been in the food and hospitality industries. She mapped out what became her original business plan, and for the next two years, spent her evenings and weekends learning everything she could about entrepreneurship and working to build her business. Learn first-hand the tips and tricks to her success as Niagara-based entrepreneur!

Time Stamps:

00:00 - 01:09 Intro

01:10 - 09:22 Introductions, Background & Company Overview

09:23 - 13:48 Getting Ready to Build a Cosmetic Brand

13:49 - 17:47 Staying Motivated

17:48 - 18:50 First Products & Google's Influence

18:51 - 22:06 Turning Down a Deal on Dragon's Den

22:07 - 23:57 Investing in a Business vs. Investing in You

23:58 - 29:42 Growing Through Innovation and Change

29:43 - 32:15 Canadian Support

32:16 - 35:07 Advantages to Growing in Niagara Falls

35:08 - 39:32 The Next Big Steps & JCPenney Announcement

39:33 - 42:58 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

42:59 - 44:47 Outro