Made in the Mist

Matt Anthony, Invittco

August 30, 2022 Spark Innovation Canada Episode 3
Made in the Mist
Matt Anthony, Invittco
Show Notes

In this episode, we are joined by Matt Anthony, Founder of Invittco, and Create Your Future Project. Matt fell into entrepreneurship without him even realizing it while making his mark on the Canadian music and entertainment industry. 

 From being one of the youngest Canadians to record in the famous Abbey Roads Studio, to starting a scholarship program for students pursuing mental health studies, Matt has always been an advocate for his community, Niagara Falls. He built Invittco around his passion for turning creative ideas into a source of income. Through his years of experience, he established a scope of technical skills and services, forming Invittco, a creative marketing agency. 

Today, Invittco manages an audience of over 12 million, and Matt is sharing his first-hand experience and real advice on how he scaled the business.  

Check out what Matt's up to:



CYF - Create Your Future Project:


Timestamps - Matt Anthony Guarasci

02:00 – Background on Matt

10:40 – Opinion on the Canadian Industry

15:00 – What is Invittco

18:40 – Social Media & What’s next

20:00 – Crypto and NFT

23:50 – Tough time in his journey

27:55 –  CYF Project

30:15 – Top 5 Tips and Tricks

35:55 – Manifestation

42:05 – What does Invittco offer to their clients

44:30 – Closing statements