Made in the Mist

Paola Girotti, Sugarmoon Salon

August 03, 2022 Spark Innovation Canada Episode 2
Made in the Mist
Paola Girotti, Sugarmoon Salon
Show Notes

In episode 2, we sat down with Paola Girotti, the founder & President of Sugarmoon: Body Sugaring & Skin Care Salon , a trail-blazer and visionary in today's beauty industry.

Dive into a conversation revolved around nearly two decades of passion for a fresh, natural, and innovative approach to the market!

Background on Sugarmoon:
Founded in 2002, Sugarmoon brought a bring a fresh approach and natural solutions to the hair removal and beauty industry.  Sugarmoon’s product focus is formulation in a completely pure way, made from ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, and herbal extracts, packed with vitamins and minerals that will hydrate, re-balance and revitalize your skin.

Timestamps : 

00:00 – intro

02:10 – Life before Sugar Moon

04:18 – Early stages of Sugar Moon

08:35 – Being a successful woman in the Entrepreneur world

15:00 – Resources that helped grow her business

16:30 – How do you think your business journey would change if you had the help of an incubator like Spark when you were first starting

23:00 – Challenges over the last two years

26:00 – Failure, how do you deal with it.

33:40 – Going E-Commerce 

38:00 – Top 5 Tips