Made in the Mist

Mayor Jim Diodati

July 06, 2022 Spark Innovation Canada Episode 1
Made in the Mist
Mayor Jim Diodati
Show Notes

Jim Diodati is a Canadian politician, currently serving as mayor of Niagara Falls, Ontario. He was first elected in the 2010 municipal election, but even before his politcial career, he was determined to earn a living as his own boss. 

In this inaugural episode we’ll talk to Mayor Diodati about his upbringing, his triumphs in Niagara Falls and learn first-hand how he was Made in the Mist.

00:00 – intro
02:05 – Jim’s early life
09:45 – advice on being successful
23:05 – Why Niagara / Niagara Falls
29:35 – if you had access to our innovation hub or any business incubator when you were starting your journey, what would have been the biggest resource you would have taken advantage of.
34:45 – top five tips and tricks to anyone wanting to enter the entrepreneurial lifestyle
45:45 - Outro